That time I tripped on Cacao

Long read about my Cacao Ceremony☕#Doingthework Before moving to the #thirdeye I decided to take it a step further & try cacao for the first time. It was March of 2020 & I was put in touch with Karla Wanjiru (IG: who was able to facilitate a private cacao ceremony for me. I was instructed to share any allergies or medications I was on, to set an intention before coming to the space, hydrate as much as comfortable 24 hours before & after & to avoid dairy, alcohol, coffee, meat & carbs at least 3hours prior to the Ceremony.i was also advised to come with an open heart, ready to connect with any helpful Ancestors (bloodline, Angelic, or otherwise) & to be aware that sensitive memories can come up-ill be in a judgement free space, safe to cry, laugh & move my body as needed.i followed ALL instructions & came w/ the intentions to remove blockages & the veil that's been covering my third connect w/ancestors or Spirit guides, for my power or gifts to be identified & activated & to get insight/answers in regards to my purpose, past lives & issues with love.

My navigation said ETA 2:22 (already getting signs) I arrived to a beautiful space w/an enchanting tree out front.I told myself I'd like to climb that tree if I get the chance. I was saged upon entering the room & karla began to shift the atmosphere.I listened to her words, sipped the cacao & allowed the cadence of her drumming to transport me.I met my inner child, she playfully walked up to me, sat in my lap & looked up into my eyes,I hugged her & we sat still for a moment.she then took my hand & took me on a journey through different lifetimes & visions.Things I saw: the seashell from The Little Mermaid & feeling like a voice was trapped inside.i saw my mom being scared,I saw someone's hand over her mouth & her eyes really big & a person telling her "not to ever say anything!" I saw a pyramid & fire flames going up the steps.I saw myself walking out onto my throne draped in black with gold adornments & a headpiece very similar to the Nefertiti charm I sometimes wear.i was a queen/high priestess in a lifetime, in charge of land & part of a strong militia of women.Rebellion & royalty still runs in my blood. I saw tribal gatherings & rituals, circles around fire, women dancing around fire w/fabrics, I come from Spirit dancers. I saw mud being rubbed on my face by other women as if I was being prepared for something. I also felt the presence of my granny, she's still alive so she's not an ancestor but her presence is strong on both sides, I wonder what that means (my granny passed away 3 months after this ceremony, seeing her in the spirit realm was my warning that she was transitioning soon). I saw my roots wrapped around the core of the earth & spread out throughout the planet underneath the soil & underneath the ocean floor- I am connected to every living tree. I am the family tree & the tree of life, branching upward to the sky. I am the inbetween, connecting the past & future.I held hands w/past generations in my left & future generations in my right hand- I connected both hands at the center of my chest. I saw myself in the tree I used to climb in my 3rd grade house-I heard swinging rope & felt the weight of bodies hanging from the branch I was chilling on, there were lynchings in my bloodline. Then I saw myself in the tree in front of my aunt's house where my Grandpa died, my Granny's ex husband. I realized this was a moment in my life where I started to disconnect from showing emotion-as if it protected me or made me strong.i felt my grandpas presence, my mom's dad, he felt undeserving to come through, hesitant but determined.Felt like he was embarrassed to ask me for my help, but also grateful so I welcomed him.I apologized to him for not coming down out of that tree sooner than I did that night, I didn't want to face seeing death, I felt safer in the tree away from the pain. He understood, But this time the sound of the drumming called me to climb down out of the tree.I hugged my family members that were standing in the front yard crying on my way in, I hugged my cousin Rayna Carson & told her I loved her back this time, as she came out of the house crying.I bravely walked into the house towards my grandpa's body, he was laying on the floor covered with a white sheet.This time I had to remove the sheet from his face,It was my job to transmute his dark energy & to send it away to let the healing come in.i sat his children (my mom aunts & uncle) in a circle on the ground around his body. I touched his body, then I touched the head of every one in the circle.i told them to release & let go of whatever negative feelings thoughts or experience they still hold for their father, to put it into his dead body & let it stay there, let him take it. I felt my grandpa say Thank you & I told him thank you, he told me to tell everyone that he is sorry.

Some downloads I received were to reconnect w/trees as needed-life stories & wisdom are in every tree. That I will work w/nature for counseling, retreats or healing camps- kids will hold hands around my tree house, just like my ancestors that spirit danced around fires. My inner child will heal the inner child of others. I was told to smile & love like kid Tashja used to. To not be afraid to love just because this body doesn't last forever. I also got the feeling that I must've been separated from/lost my family or the love of my life many times, so I don't get too close to love because Ive learned it's not going to last forever. With that thought, I was told to remember that I am infinite, WE are infinite. As Karla's words & cadence brought the journey to a close, I saw myself still floating in my protected auric ball. This time I landed back on a throne of some sort, overlooking my land again-it was green and Lush and vast, I could hear nature, some wind and birds chirping. I had a feeling of peace & accomplishment-a feeling of pride for fulfilling my mission. Also a bit of shock & amazement that "it" actually worked, "it" meaning my power to communicate with myself across lifetimes actually worked!! I had a sense of faith that I would reach myself again, connect with self again, but it's always a challenge each life. My spirit comes forth in my lineage time after time, picking up from where I left off the time before. Each body or generation of my family that I'm born into has its own set of challenges to overcome first, but at some point I always end up remembering who I am. As I heal & go deeper, I remember more & more, thus my abilities & my purpose activates greater & greater. As I overlooked this lush land, I felt that high priestess smiling & nodding her head at me, giving me a high 5 for doing the work to be able to even receive the message, yet I also sensed a little cocky confidence as if she just KNEW "it" would work. Almost as if she was the one that started this ripple effect or wrinkle in time- she was happy to reconnect to me, happy to have found each other again, I am she & she is me.

After the ceremony, I climbed that tree I saw when I first arrived, with my journal to write everything down before I forgot it. Since this experience, I've been mindful of what I eat-detoxing can sometimes cause breakouts, which I seldom get, but funny enough I just so happened to get a bump that ended up scarring & out of all the places on my face, it left a mark right inbetween my eyes- be careful what you ask for lol, messed around & manifested a bindi. I've also become more mindful of my clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient & claircognizant abilities. I've only shared my grandpa's message with my mother (well until now), she listened intently & I felt like she believed me.

I also told her the part where I saw someone covering her mouth & asked her if that ever happened, she confirmed that it did. I tried to dig some more, but she didn't want to talk about it. Overall this was an amazing experience,I hope to purchase my own cacao & continue to work with it w/other healers, family & friends, as it is a very real healing modality.there are other benefits with regular use, not just for going deep. BUT if you are doing inner work, I highly suggest it💛

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